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How Crazy Clean Gives You More Value

Seven years ago the Australian economy fell which forced businesses to spend cautiously. Although the economy has risen, businesses owners are still be savvy savers, spending their money wisely. Commercial cleaning is one business expense worth reviewing if you believe you are not being taken care of by your current cleaner or are not sure […]

4 Reasons to Hire Crazy Clean for Window Cleaning

Not only does a professional window clean add to the aesthetic appearance of a home, it can also boost the appeal of your home if you are looking to sell. Did you realise that as well as this, a professional clean from a company such as Crazy Clean can also help to keep your home […]

Benefits of Regular Window Cleaning Services

When the weekend arrives, few people want the burden of climbing up ladders with a squeegee in hand, cleaning their windows. Although the benefits of clean windows cannot be ignored, it is a labour intensive, time-consuming task. Therefore, the sensible people of Melbourne choose a professional cleaning company who provide excellent service at a fast […]

Why Buy a Cleaning Franchise in Melbourne?

In Australia, the average disposable household income in 2013-14 had increased to $998 per week from $964 in 2011-12, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Michael Blythe, the chief economist of Commonwealth Bank, stated it is time for investors and others to become positive about the Australian economy. We at Crazy Clean believe the […]

How to Prepare Your Home or Business for a Professional Window Clean

When deciding to book a professional window clean, it is done with the intention of making life easier. Professional companies like Crazy Clean are hired to save time and energy without creating extra work for you the customer. Although this may seem like common sense, it seems many window cleaning companies in Melbourne do not […]

3 Reasons Why Bayside Residents Should Clean Their Windows Regularly

Here’s the three main reasons why Melbourne properties on Port Phillip Bay should consider cleaning their windows frequently by professionals. Aesthetics This one is obvious – You may have an amazing view from you home or a perfect manicured garden however, without clean windows you will not be able to appreciate them. We often put […]

The Importance of Window Screen Cleaning

The importance of clean windows is known by most, what isn’t often considered is the importance of clean window screens. Although the aesthetic impact of clean window screens can sometimes be forgotten, the health and home upkeep benefits should not be ignored. Improve your air quality Many home owners neglect to clean their window screens […]

When Window Cleaning is an Investment, Not an Expense

It may seem to some that paying for a professional window clean is an expense rather than an investment. However, read on to learn why Crazy Clean’s window cleaning service is an investment. Selling your Home Residential Window Cleaning is the key to maximising your property appeal. Crazy Clean’s professional window cleaning service should be […]

Three Hidden Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services

As the owner of a business, it is crucial to maintain a clean working environment for a number of reasons. While you may be tempted to cut costs by having professional cleaners attend less frequently than they should, there are hidden costs to this strategy that you must consider. Maintaining a clean workplace displays, to […]

Melbourne Window Cleaning Tips

Windows are of great aesthetic value in many homes and offices around Melbourne, but only when they are well-maintained and clean. However, the reality is that cleaning windows is quite a time-consuming and tricky task, particularly if you don’t know the best techniques and products available in the market. Many of us are living very […]

Melbourne Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

The cleaning industry has been experiencing increasing demand throughout Australia, especially in recent years. This is good news for those looking for cleaning jobs in Melbourne or who are interested in starting their own cleaning business. The downside is this has led to many untrained, inexperienced and unreliable cleaners springing up in the marketplace. Employers […]

How to select a Commercial Cleaner in Melbourne?

With a number of cleaning service providers now available in Melbourne, how do you select the right option? Start by carefully consider the cleaning tasks you require and the frequency you require them. While you may know of some fantastic residential cleaners, they may not be best suited to commercial projects. Commercial buildings, warehouses and […]

How to Clean Your Carpet When You Have Smell or Mould Concerns

We are all breathing air daily, that could be causing health concerns in the place in which we live, work, or play. If you smell an odour that is musty or unpleasant, it’s reasonable to suspect the presence of mould or mildew that can cause a number of problems. The danger lies in the fact […]


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