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How Crazy Clean Gives You More Value

Seven years ago the Australian economy fell which forced businesses to spend cautiously. Although the economy has risen, businesses owners are still be savvy savers, spending their money wisely. Commercial cleaning is one business expense worth reviewing if you believe you are not being taken care of by your current cleaner or are not sure of the value they provide. Many cleaning companies have slowly been increasing prices without offering increased service levels or beginning to use inferior, cheaper products that may cost you far more in the long run. Crazy Clean is different.

Crazy Clean can offer the highest standards of commercial cleaning whilst still providing very competitive pricing. Although some substandard companies may offer prices which undercut that of Crazy Clean, what we can offer is guaranteed, high quality services using only the very best products and material on the market. Continue to read as we explain how our friendly team add value to our services that you may not be aware of at a first glance.

Protect your property while we clean it.

The services provided by Crazy Clean aim to protect your commercial premises from requiring expensive repairs and replacements in the future. Crazy Clean’s expert cleaning service use the right products for the right job. By using inferior products, the lifespan of your furnishings may be cut-short costing you far more in the long run.

Inferior products can lead to discolouration, cracking and chipping damage of your floors, furniture and IT equipment. Mould and contaminants not treated correctly can cause disintegration of carpets and furniture. We also offer gutter-cleaning services to reduce the risk of flooding your premises which could damage your inventory and put you out of business for extended periods of time. Crazy Clean give you all-round extra value.

Crazy Clean’s window cleaning process gives you more for less.

The Crazy Clean window cleaning process is unrivalled in the professional window cleaning industry. To get a truly deep clean, a window scrape is needed to rid them of any insect waste, dust or a build-up of cobwebs. This is then followed by a traditional clean. Without the additional care, not carried out by other companies, your windows will not be completely rid of the debris. This additional attention to detail is carried out at no additional cost to you.

By choosing Crazy Clean, we only use the leading, professional cleaning products. We have rigorously tested many chemicals on the market to know the best options for every situation. The products we use, fight the build up of future dust so your premises stay clean for longer. Again, Crazy Clean gives you more value for your investment.

4 Reasons to Hire Crazy Clean for Window Cleaning

Not only does a professional window clean add to the aesthetic appearance of a home, it can also boost the appeal of your home if you are looking to sell.

Did you realise that as well as this, a professional clean from a company such as Crazy Clean can also help to keep your home safe? Although this might sound far fetched, it is true. Read on to find out four reasons why you should hire Crazy Clean.

  1. Unparalleled window cleaning services

Over a number of years, the team at Crazy Clean have worked hard to build a trusted business, customer satisfaction and amazingly clean windows. Their process is thorough and produces market-leading results. We scrub every window to ensure any stubborn debris and stains are removed that a common soap and squeegee clean won’t handle. Crazy Clean will remove all gunk, creating crystal clear results that make you feel you don’t even have a window in front of you.

  1. Spot maintenance problems

The trustworthy team at Crazy Clean are not just there to wipe your windows. Industry trained, professional staff will help to identify any problem areas within the premises which may cause damage to your windows, such as rotting sills and poorly fitted screens so that a quick solution can be found.

Having your windows professionally cleaned will extend the life of the windows by removing corrosive contaminants that will harm the windows in the long term.

  1. Keep the bugs at bay

A professional clean can eradicate any bugs that may have taken up residence in and around the windows of your home. For example, bees nests under window sills can be dealt with. Removing these issues will keep your family safe and your windows functioning correctly.

  1. Window cleaning can be tough!

Most people are aware of how labour intensive window cleaning is and therefore delay the task for as long as possible. The end result often leaves amateurs disappointed when they notice streaks where they hoped to see sparkling glass. Instead of putting yourself through this, why not call the experts at Crazy Clean. Their team have many years of experience and will ensure your windows are sparkling and your house is looking fabulous.

Benefits of Regular Window Cleaning Services

When the weekend arrives, few people want the burden of climbing up ladders with a squeegee in hand, cleaning their windows. Although the benefits of clean windows cannot be ignored, it is a labour intensive, time-consuming task. Therefore, the sensible people of Melbourne choose a professional cleaning company who provide excellent service at a fast pace. They choose Crazy Clean.

Window cleaning can be a dirty and tiring job, and more so for an amateur. So why not employ Crazy Clean and let their team who have many years of experience at the top of the ladder of the window cleaning industry come and take care of it for you?

Improve the appearance of your home or business

To ensure your house continues to look appealing both internally and externally it is recommended to have your windows cleaned professionally two to three times a year. This is because the weather will cause dirt and grime to gradually build up on the outside. On the inside, dirty marks and finger-prints will become visible. Street appeal is also key when trying to sell a property. Having professionally cleaned windows with help attract buyers.

If you are a business owner, consider the first impression on a potential client. Sparking windows show your client you are professional and conscientious. If you have a shop-front with a display, how will your products glow if your windows are not sparkling?

Enhance your efficiency

The grime found on dirty windows does not only look uninviting, but can also prevents your home from being energy efficient. Oxidisation occurs when this happens and leads to weathered window frames causing ruined seals and condensation to name a few. Natural warmth from the sun’s rays cannot penetrate the room in the winter months, leading to increased heating costs. If not professionally cleaned, dirt and dead bugs can also collect in the sills preventing full closure.

How to Prepare Your Home or Business for a Professional Window Clean

When deciding to book a professional window clean, it is done with the intention of making life easier. Professional companies like Crazy Clean are hired to save time and energy without creating extra work for you the customer.

Although this may seem like common sense, it seems many window cleaning companies in Melbourne do not adhere to this notion. Many of these companies leave much of the hard work and preparation to their customers. This is not what should be expected from a professional cleaning service and this is why Crazy Clean should be your number one choice for an impressive service with stunning results.

Professional Appearance

Many customers worry when they employ window cleaning companies in Melbourne. There is often a lack of professionalism. Unmarked cars or vans arriving at their home or business and workers without uniforms or identification badges don’t put your mind at ease. However, with Crazy Clean this is not the case. All our team wear clearly identifiable uniforms and drive marked vehicles, making our team easy to identify so you can feel more relaxed, knowing your are taken care of by professionals. If you are a business, it also gives a much better impression to any visitors who may arrive at your premises.

It’s all done for you

It is common for many cleaning franchise companies to burden their customers with the tasks of moving their furniture, curtains and anything else which may obstruct the cleaner. This is time consuming for the customer, which is one of the main reasons for employing a cleaning service to begin with. At Crazy Clean, a different approach is taken. If a customer chooses to prepare their house prior to a member of our team arriving, this of course is welcomed but not demanded. Crazy Clean’s service includes preparation as well as a fast, quality cleaning with the latest equipment. It’s about minimising the effort of you, the customer and retaining a high level of professional cleaning services.

3 Reasons Why Bayside Residents Should Clean Their Windows Regularly

Here’s the three main reasons why Melbourne properties on Port Phillip Bay should consider cleaning their windows frequently by professionals.


This one is obvious – You may have an amazing view from you home or a perfect manicured garden however, without clean windows you will not be able to appreciate them. We often put this task to the back of our lists of things to do when cleaning our homes. We take care of the vacuuming, dusting, mopping, bathrooms and kitchens first, leaving little time for the windows. If you are a waterfront property, or have any bay view at all, it makes sense to make the most of it. If you are trying to sell your home, some real estate agents suggest having clean windows is the most important aspect of a bayside home looking amazing.


If windows are not cleaned regularly they are at risk of scratches and etching. Etching along with scratches can cause the window glass to always look dirty even when they have just been well cleaned. In Melbourne, the main cause of etching is when you live close to Port Philip Bay. Area’s such as Williamstown, Altona, Werribee South, St Kilda, Elwood and Brighton can find salt and sand starts to collect on windows. Particularly in times of strong southerly winds. A professional window clean can rid the glass of these materials, helping to prevent permanent damage and leaving your windows looking great.

Increased Value and Waterfront Appeal

Professionally cleaned windows can boost any home’s appeal, even moreso a waterfront property on the bay. Professional window cleaning is a major component in preserving the appearance and value of your home. For the best results, have your windows professionally cleaned by Crazy Clean to protect and extend the life of your windows. Contact Crazy Clean today!

The Importance of Window Screen Cleaning

The importance of clean windows is known by most, what isn’t often considered is the importance of clean window screens. Although the aesthetic impact of clean window screens can sometimes be forgotten, the health and home upkeep benefits should not be ignored.

Improve your air quality

Many home owners neglect to clean their window screens and this can then result in air being blown through dirty screens and on through the home. Studies have highlighted the health dangers that poor indoor air quality can cause such as respiratory problems. Crazy Clean can help your health by cleaning your window screens and reducing the chance of coughs, sneezes and sinus problems.

Keep your windows in shape

By neglecting your window screens you are leaving them at risk from premature deterioration. Salt, sap and other acidic substances will start to wear out window screens over time. A common misconception is that rainfall causes windows to become dirty. However, the real cause of the dirt is often dirty window screens. The rain hits these screens and splashes onto the windows. Crazy Clean can professionally clean your screens ensuring they have a longer lifespan and you can watch the rainfall through a sparkling window.

Clean window visibility

Crazy Clean do not concentrate merely on the cleanliness of the window itself. They also take pride in the attention they give to the window sills, seals and ledges, ensuring an all-round professional service. Not only will you receive a detailed window cleaning, but also we can offer regular customers a discount, since less work is involved when your windows are cleaned regularly.

When Window Cleaning is an Investment, Not an Expense

It may seem to some that paying for a professional window clean is an expense rather than an investment. However, read on to learn why Crazy Clean’s window cleaning service is an investment.

Selling your Home

Residential Window Cleaning is the key to maximising your property appeal. Crazy Clean’s professional window cleaning service should be top of the list of things to do when looking to sell a house. Whether you are a property guru or this is your first sale, the benefits of a professional clean can improve the price of the sale and the speed it is completed in. Purchasers will be attracted to the sparkling surfaces and additional light inside the property.

Working from Home

There is an increasing number of Melbourne residents now working from home. They either are self-employed or work for a company you allows them to work remotely. In these situations, residential window cleaning can become very important.

There are many advantages working from home however the biggest disadvantage is the risk of looking unprofessional. Those who regularly work from home may have potential clients, customer or partners come for meetings. Their first impressions will be the cleanliness of your home. Well kept homes create a good first impression of you as a professional. The first impression to your clients will be the windows surrounding your home office. Your windows should be as impressive as your company aims to be. A professional window clean is certainly an investment in these situations.

Why Crazy Clean?

When choosing Crazy Clean, you are guaranteed competitive prices, highly professional service and skilled, well equipped cleaners who are fully insured. Our prices are fair and transparent ensuring you a fantastic investment.