How Crazy Clean Gives You More Value

How Crazy Clean Gives You More Value

Seven years ago the Australian economy fell which forced businesses to spend cautiously. Although the economy has risen, businesses owners are still be savvy savers, spending their money wisely. Commercial cleaning is one business expense worth reviewing if you believe you are not being taken care of by your current cleaner or are not sure of the value they provide. Many cleaning companies have slowly been increasing prices without offering increased service levels or beginning to use inferior, cheaper products that may cost you far more in the long run. Crazy Clean is different.

Crazy Clean can offer the highest standards of commercial cleaning whilst still providing very competitive pricing. Although some substandard companies may offer prices which undercut that of Crazy Clean, what we can offer is guaranteed, high quality services using only the very best products and material on the market. Continue to read as we explain how our friendly team add value to our services that you may not be aware of at a first glance.

Protect your property while we clean it.

The services provided by Crazy Clean aim to protect your commercial premises from requiring expensive repairs and replacements in the future. Crazy Clean’s expert cleaning service use the right products for the right job. By using inferior products, the lifespan of your furnishings may be cut-short costing you far more in the long run.

Inferior products can lead to discolouration, cracking and chipping damage of your floors, furniture and IT equipment. Mould and contaminants not treated correctly can cause disintegration of carpets and furniture. We also offer gutter-cleaning services to reduce the risk of flooding your premises which could damage your inventory and put you out of business for extended periods of time. Crazy Clean give you all-round extra value.

Crazy Clean’s window cleaning process gives you more for less.

The Crazy Clean window cleaning process is unrivalled in the professional window cleaning industry. To get a truly deep clean, a window scrape is needed to rid them of any insect waste, dust or a build-up of cobwebs. This is then followed by a traditional clean. Without the additional care, not carried out by other companies, your windows will not be completely rid of the debris. This additional attention to detail is carried out at no additional cost to you.

By choosing Crazy Clean, we only use the leading, professional cleaning products. We have rigorously tested many chemicals on the market to know the best options for every situation. The products we use, fight the build up of future dust so your premises stay clean for longer. Again, Crazy Clean gives you more value for your investment.