How to Clean Your Carpet When You Have Smell or Mould Concerns

How to Clean Your Carpet When You Have Smell or Mould Concerns

We are all breathing air daily, that could be causing health concerns in the place in which we live, work, or play. If you smell an odour that is musty or unpleasant, it’s reasonable to suspect the presence of mould or mildew that can cause a number of problems. The danger lies in the fact that the majority of toxic mould that is in the air we breathe is invisible to the naked eye so it often is ignored. High quality cleaning services not only help with prevention, but ensure any mould is removed with appropriate and environmental-friendly chemicals, particularly with regard to carpet cleaning.

The oxygen we breathe is critical to our physical and mental health and without clean air, our levels of performance in all aspects of our lives, deteriorates. This decline allows for the penetration of harmful bacteria to access our bodies, causing colds, flu, and various other health related ailments. Without regular home or office cleaning we are exposing ourselves and those for whom we are responsible, to ill health, which can result in a loss of productivity in business environments and increased medical costs for everyone.

Various studies conducted have revealed that without appropriate office and carpet cleaning certain chemical residue and airborne mould spores may severely affect the health of any sufferers of allergies. It has also been associated with mental depression. Therefore, it’s essential to be aware that mould is a potentially dangerous element. Its form is generally a microscopic fungus, that grows if untreated adequately. Unless regular home or office cleaning programmes are undertaken, the clusters will increase particularly in a damp environment.

Without professional cleaning services, mould and mildew cannot only be difficult to locate, but extremely challenging to eradicate. In many working environments, access to clean, fresh air is minimal so its important to provide a clean, safe environment for your staff. It’s all critical in your homes, when you consider the amount of time you spend there, breathing in the environment.

It is important that appropriate, regular home, office, and carpet cleaning services are used to help create an environmental-friendly atmosphere! Contact Crazy Clean to discuss your cleaning needs.