How to Prepare Your Home or Business for a Professional Window Clean

How to Prepare Your Home or Business for a Professional Window Clean

When deciding to book a professional window clean, it is done with the intention of making life easier. Professional companies like Crazy Clean are hired to save time and energy without creating extra work for you the customer.

Although this may seem like common sense, it seems many window cleaning companies in Melbourne do not adhere to this notion. Many of these companies leave much of the hard work and preparation to their customers. This is not what should be expected from a professional cleaning service and this is why Crazy Clean should be your number one choice for an impressive service with stunning results.

Professional Appearance

Many customers worry when they employ window cleaning companies in Melbourne. There is often a lack of professionalism. Unmarked cars or vans arriving at their home or business and workers without uniforms or identification badges don’t put your mind at ease. However, with Crazy Clean this is not the case. All our team wear clearly identifiable uniforms and drive marked vehicles, making our team easy to identify so you can feel more relaxed, knowing your are taken care of by professionals. If you are a business, it also gives a much better impression to any visitors who may arrive at your premises.

It’s all done for you

It is common for many cleaning franchise companies to burden their customers with the tasks of moving their furniture, curtains and anything else which may obstruct the cleaner. This is time consuming for the customer, which is one of the main reasons for employing a cleaning service to begin with. At Crazy Clean, a different approach is taken. If a customer chooses to prepare their house prior to a member of our team arriving, this of course is welcomed but not demanded. Crazy Clean’s service includes preparation as well as a fast, quality cleaning with the latest equipment. It’s about minimising the effort of you, the customer and retaining a high level of professional cleaning services.