The Importance of Window Screen Cleaning

The Importance of Window Screen Cleaning

The importance of clean windows is known by most, what isn’t often considered is the importance of clean window screens. Although the aesthetic impact of clean window screens can sometimes be forgotten, the health and home upkeep benefits should not be ignored.

Improve your air quality

Many home owners neglect to clean their window screens and this can then result in air being blown through dirty screens and on through the home. Studies have highlighted the health dangers that poor indoor air quality can cause such as respiratory problems. Crazy Clean can help your health by cleaning your window screens and reducing the chance of coughs, sneezes and sinus problems.

Keep your windows in shape

By neglecting your window screens you are leaving them at risk from premature deterioration. Salt, sap and other acidic substances will start to wear out window screens over time. A common misconception is that rainfall causes windows to become dirty. However, the real cause of the dirt is often dirty window screens. The rain hits these screens and splashes onto the windows. Crazy Clean can professionally clean your screens ensuring they have a longer lifespan and you can watch the rainfall through a sparkling window.

Clean window visibility

Crazy Clean do not concentrate merely on the cleanliness of the window itself. They also take pride in the attention they give to the window sills, seals and ledges, ensuring an all-round professional service. Not only will you receive a detailed window cleaning, but also we can offer regular customers a discount, since less work is involved when your windows are cleaned regularly.